[REL] Otesánek (2000)


[REL] Otesánek (2000)

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is possible to have more info for this movie? thanks :)

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Re: [REL] Otesánek (2000)

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an interesting upskirt scene where some old guy is ogling a lil girl, lol, and also the intro is of interest, try to preview first

worth checking out if you haven't seen it :wink:

[REL] Otesanek (2000)

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I don't know, this movie is released already here.. maybe under another name [AKA] ?
but it looks real interesting :)


Plot Outline: When a childless couple learn that they cannot have children, it causes great distress. To ease his wife's pain, the man finds a piece of root in the backyard and chops it and varnishes it into the shape of a child. However the woman takes the root as her baby and starts to pretend that it is real. When the root takes life they seem to have gained a child; but it's appetite is much greater than a normal child.

Cast overview,

Veronika Zilková .... Bozena
Jan Hartl .... Karel
Jaroslava Kretschmerová .... Alzbetka´s Mother
Pavel Nový .... Alzbetka´s Father
Kristina Adamcová .... Alzbetka
Pani spravcova (mrs. caretaker)
Zdenek Kozák .... Mr. Zlabek
Gustav Vondracek .... Mladek, the postman
Arnost Goldflam .... Gynaecologist
Jitka Smutná .... Bulankova, the social worker
Jirí Lábus .... Policeman at station
Radek Holub .... Young postman
Jan Jirán .... Karel´s co-worker
Zdenek Palusga .... Uniformed policeman
Frantisek Polata .... Plainclothes policeman


previewclip: http://rapidshare.de/files/12770601/Otesanek.avi.html

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Re: [REL] Otesanek (2000)

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It has, under the name Little Otik, because this version has english subs. But I guess it was lost during the restructuring of the board.

Thanks fopr re-releasing.

Here are two additional links, but these are not the ones from the former release:
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Re: [REL] Otesanek (2000)

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Re: [REL] Otesanek (2000)

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In case someone still hasn't seen this movie and wants to see the best parts (IMO) right away, here are two clips that I made some time ago:

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