[REL] Konečně si rozumíme (1977)

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[REL] Konečně si rozumíme (1977)

Postby jkecal » Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:48 am  5 likes

Konečně si rozumíme (1977)
After all we understand each other


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Capricious story of first love with young Zuzana Bydžovská (Pavla), now popular and very specific actress.

14 yo Pavel returns from cure. He see, that his former girlfriend Zuzana have grown up, she is now taller then he. She have found new boyfriend and rejects friendship with Pavel.
Pavel become sad having problems in school, his parents cannot find the reason. Then Pavel meets on the riverbank Pavla with long braid. In the second half of film, we can see rising new young love, first kisses etc.


Re: [REL] Konecne si rozumime (1977)

Postby Debaser » Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:48 am  0 likes

Sounds nice.

Cheers jkecal

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