[REL] Vyhrávat potichu (1984)

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[REL] Vyhrávat potichu (1984)

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Vyhrávat potichu

another cool find at Uloz.to http://www.uloz.to/8407868/vyhravat-pot ... valita-avi
also streamed at http://filmy.kinotip.cz/vyhravat-potichu-1984/

"Children's comedy deals with a group of enterprising rural boys and about a devoted father who wants to build a real football team, even at the expense of families. However, we see the dark underbelly of sports passion outside the limelight: not only premature, pride of successful players, but also the behavior of drunk fans who break all the rules of social coexistence." quote from filmy.kinotip.cz

film follows these boys along at least a dozen little adventures and luck has it they include some of their girlfriends as well. very fun film to watch and has a lot of different action to offer including first love.

the mud and egg fight was fun to watch


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Re: [REL] Vyhravat potichu 1984

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Cool release :cool

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