[REL] Far til Fire AKA Father of Four (1953)

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[REL] Far til Fire AKA Father of Four (1953)

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This is one of my favourite series of films, all starring the delectably innocent Rudi Hansen. Will post more until you tell me to stop !!

This was the first of the series, and is set in a time when an innocent tickling session between brother and sister is construed as just that, an innocent tickling session. The sister always wears dresses of the length appropriate for that time, and, compared to the 2006 remake, all the characters have an air of innocence and for me, that is what is lacking in today's movies largely. The girl is clearly a girl, happy to be that way, dresses so that you are in no doubt, and behaves that way as well. There is no sign of the ubiquitous jeans, or dungarees which seem to be the norm for today's films.

OK rant over hope you enjoy this. It is high quality black and white and probably neds no subtiltles since the subplots are obvious.


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Re: [REL] Far til Fire 1953

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Nicely put billanben, and thanks for the release.
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Re: [REL] Far til Fire 1953

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Thanks for the series!
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Re: [REL] Far til Fire 1953

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Looks interesting, i'm going to add this to my download list.

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