[REL] Far til fire med fuld musik AKA ...Full Music (1961)

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[REL] Far til fire med fuld musik AKA ...Full Music (1961)

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Eighth and final - technically, she was a very young looking 18 by this time, but this is included for completeness, and also I believe there are other younger actresses in this one as well.


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enjoy - in fact I hope you enjoy the whole series. Finally, I have included here a link to the remake whichas I have said, for me, lacks the charm of its predecessors and quickly exited my HD !!

Far til fire gi'r aldrig op 2005


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The role of Mie was now being filled by Kathrine Bremerskov Kaysen, since they obviously realised that they could not get away any more using an older actress - she was 12. She has gone on to make another episode in the (presumably) new series as follows :-

Far til fire - i stor stil (Father of four living large)


This does not seem to be available yet.

There is one final posting but will put that separately.
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