Movies that don't quite meet the requirements to be on-topic for FLM, maybe because the actors are too old or screen time is too small.


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I don't know what this movie is supposed to be. But I'm gonna find out and report to you.
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BTW, Infiniter, did u ever manage to locate a complete version of "Spermula"?

Re: Polanski+Klier=Ionesco?

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OK, nothing to do with "Spermula". It's the english version of Polanskis "Tenant" (2:05:23). Of course a nice movie for all fans of Isabelle Adjani and Eva Ionesco. :(

Re: Polanski+Klier=Ionesco?

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Re: Polanski+Klier=Ionesco?

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Re: Polanski+Klier=Ionesco?

Postby Phuzzy4242 » Sat Dec 17, 2011 10:02 pm  0 likes

This thread refers to trying to find sources for [REL] Spermula (1976). The first film is actually Le locataire (1976) France aka The Tenant (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0074811/). It does have 11-year-old Eva Ionesco in it but it's not FLM-worthy. The other film is Ejacula, the Vampire, (pr0n).

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