Villa Borghese (1953) [Italy]

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Villa Borghese (1953) [Italy]

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Villa Borghese (1953)
The second piece is called "The Greek Letter Pi" and is a poignant little anecdote about a schoolgirl (Anna Maria Ferrrero) who is urged by her classmates to approach their Greek professor (François Perrier), so that they can photograph them kissing and perhaps blackmail the prof for a passing grade. It turns out the professor has a sad story to tell the girl…that he is going blind. The tearful girl cannot go though with the plan.
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Re: Villa Borghese (1953)

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Villa Borghese (1953) [Italy]
aka It Happened in the Park

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IMDb wrote:VILLA BORGHESE is a film consisting of six vignettes (cut to five in its U.S. release) that are all set in the Roman park that bears that name. All the episodes take place within one day...
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