Der Kuss des Tigers (1988) [Germany]

Movies that don't quite meet the requirements to be on-topic for FLM, maybe because the actors are too old or screen time is too small.
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Der Kuss des Tigers (1988) [Germany]

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Der Kuss Des Tigers Summary:
While strolling through the Tuileries, Catherine de Medici's lovely palace and its grounds in the heart of Paris, Marie (Beate Jensen) meets Peter (Stephane Ferrara), a handsome man whom she instantly gets involved with. He has warned her that he sometimes kills women for the pleasure of it, but despite that evidence of a truly twisted mind, she embarks on a passionate affair with him which is graphically depicted onscreen. When he actually kills a woman whom they happen to meet, she helps him cover up the deed. Is she actually turned on by this mayhem? It is difficult to know, but after the murder she witnesses, she does belatedly begin to take some steps to protect herself from this monster. Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide


IMDB not available..Thanks :(
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Re: Der Kuss des Tigers (1988)

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Re: Der Kuss des Tigers (1988)

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......not that I understand why this is here. There's nobody even close to the FLM age desirability.

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Re: Der Kuss des Tigers (1988)

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Yeah, I don't see this as being FLM material, girl seems to be 29 when the movie was released. I am moving it to Unverified, maybe there is something there that isn't obvious to us, let us know.

A quick search says the emule link for the version used to generate the thumbnails is
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