Alice Through The Looking Glass (1998) United Kingdom

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Alice Through The Looking Glass (1998) United Kingdom

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A modern adaptation of the classic children's story 'Alice through the Looking Glass' written by Lewis Carol, which continued on from the popular 'Alice in Wonderland' story. This time Alice is played by the mother, who falls asleep while reading the the bedtime story to her daughter. Walking through the Looking Glass, Alice finds herself in Chessland, a magical and fun world. There she meets the Red and White Queens, as well as many other amusing friends on her journey across the chessboard countryside onto become a crowned queen.
This film is a disaster, an utter disaster if you take it as it comes. It has none of the magic of the book, though the language and images are used exactly. It has none of engagement that other experiments have with whatever mix of mystery and sex they use. And though it experiments with cinematic inner visions, the devices used are from Terry Gilliam and all utterly fail.

But if you see it in this greater context of Kate's mother, the Lewis Carroll cover-up and deliberately obfuscated magic; if you see it as overtly sexual but with the sex completely hidden: homeopathic seduction, then it works amazingly well. Alice as a redhead!
In this version, all the adventures happen to Alice the mother, not Alice the little girl. Alice (the mother) is played by Kate Beckinsale, and, as much as I like her, she's waaay too old for this. Little Alice only appears at the beginning and end. The only thing that might have saved this would have been Kate wearing a very short skirt with nothing underneath; sadly, that doesn't happen.

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I got this from YIFY.
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