[RREL] La revolte des enfants (1992)

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[RREL] La revolte des enfants (1992)

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Released in: 1992
Length: 100 minutes
Warning: Rated NR: adult themes; brief/moderate nudity; sexual themes; violence
Language: French (with English subtitles)
Categories: Boy Films, Little to Preteen, Boy Films, Adolescent, Child Abuse, Drama, First Love, Gay & Lesbian, Girl Films, Adolescent

At a detention center for boys roughly eight to sixteen years old, the children are often physically abused and sexually mistreated. Eventually, enough is enough, our young heroes provoked to revolt, turning their captors into prisoners. Now, the warden is ready to negotiate, draw up a contract. Should the kids trust that he will fulfill it? A decently done, interesting film.
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Re: [RREL] La revolte des enfants (1992)

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