[REL] Louise (Take 2) (1998)

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[REL] Louise (Take 2) (1998)

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Featuring 9yo Antoine du Merle, including a very OT scene.

A shaky camera takes us through Paris: the winding tunnels where the Metro trains run; the glittering neon-lit city streets; on shopping trolleys through stores; up onto abandoned roofs; and into the labyrinth of fear and desire. Meet young Parisienne Louise. She has a "wonderful life" together with her boyfriend and her gang. They live in a self-made sanctuary where life floats along on thefts, drug dealing and odds and ends. But her life changes the day she meets Gaby, an abandoned boy who's learnt to look after himself, and the slacking dandy Remi.
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Re: [REL] Louise (Take 2) (1998)

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Thanks, Ldieguez_. You're finding a lot of the rare ones.
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