[REL] La petite marchande d`allumettes (1928) Short [France]

Movies that don't quite meet the requirements to be on-topic for FLM, maybe because the actors are too old or screen time is too small.
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[REL] La petite marchande d`allumettes (1928) Short [France]

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I don't know this movie was posted before or not.
I found this nice movie at web. No specific OT scenes.
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Re: [REL] La petite marchande d`allumettes (1928) [Short]

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Is this a Release or a Request??

Please read the rules!
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Re: [REL] La petite marchande d`allumettes (1928) [Short]

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Search shows you are the first ! AKA The little Match girl by Jean Renoir,


A stylish short-film updating of the popular Hans Christian Andersen fairy-tale accompanied by a score that includes excerpts from two celebrated classical pieces – Wagner's "The Walkyrie" and Moussorgsky's "Night On Bald Mountain". Catherine Hessling (naturally) is an affecting if over-age lead and, once again, the film was originally longer but its initial run was interrupted by a plagiarism suit and it was only two years later that it was eventually re-released as we know it today!

While obviously commenting on the class struggle and the inevitable hand of fate – themes which, interestingly enough, resurfaced via a very similar plot-line in the first episode of Renoir's directorial swan song, the made-for-TV THE LITTLE THEATRE OF JEAN RENOIR (1970) – the accent here is once again on special effects enacting the titular character's dream sequence in a toy shop, which culminates in a chase across the skies involving the girl and two rival military officers on horseback (which, curiously enough, brought to mind the melodramatic excesses of the fantasy sequences in the later Powell & Pressburger films!
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Re: [REL] La petite marchande d`allumettes (1928) [Short]

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and??? what is this definately??? REQ or REL??? :think
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Re: [REL] La petite marchande d`allumettes (1928) [Short]

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It has a link for download, so it is a release. Decent number of sources too. :)

Admins please move to [REL] and edit title:
[REL] La petite marchande d`allumettes (1928) SHORT

EDIT: That said, with the title role played by an actress who was 28 years old when the film was released, this must be the oldest 'little girl' ever. LOL But a children's film nevertheless - like The 10th Kingdom http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0207275/ with a similarly aged Kimberly Williams. :think

EDIT2: ..that is, until Enchanted (2007) with a 33 year old Amy Adams. LOL
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