[REL] Tout Feu Tout Flemme AKA All Fired Up (1982)

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[REL] Tout Feu Tout Flemme AKA All Fired Up (1982)

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Yves Montand was a French film star of the black and white era. Isabelle Adjani has been the French film star of the colored era.This is for the first time that they have starred together. The result is a shocker.Both of them shine wonderfully well in a film about gambling house.The views around Lac Leman in Switzerland are nice.The unique thing about this film is that although it is an entertainer it has not neglected the message related to family values.This is a very unique role for Yves Montand as he has always played lover boy roles for the most part of his career.In this film he plays a father who is mostly away from home for some secret work. It is revealed through various twists and turns of the plot that he wants to make a casino.This is a good film for people wishing to watch a film with their family. Admirers of author cinema will be a little disappointed as Rappeneau touch is not same as that of other authors.
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And the movie...original french language with no subs

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