[REL] Le Triporteur de Belleville (2005)

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[REL] Le Triporteur de Belleville (2005)

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Another cute movie...on the 2nd world war period...

http://www.commeaucinema.com/film=le-tr ... 49471.html

In this miniseries of two episodes Lorant Deutsch plays Victor Leizer who escapes from the front in 1940 with an other man named Bernard Mirande (Mathias Mlekuz). Victor is a young Jewish man from Paris and as we all know Nazis were giving hard times to Jews all around Europe. But Victor is too smart for the Nazis. Even when they capture Victor they can't keep him for long because he escapes. Now they're searching him from everywhere and Victor finds a good hiding place from the farm of Marie Chabaud (Romane Bohringer). Marie happens to be a very beautiful lady so soon there is love in the air. Marie also has a little boy named Paul (Maxime Jarry). I've only seen the first episode of this French miniseries, which they showed yesterday, but it got me extremely captivated. I can hardly wait for the next episode next Wednesday. Le Triporteur de Belleville (2005) is directed by Stephane Kurc and it's based on Daniel Goldenberg's novel. The acting work is superb. Deutsch, Mlekuz, Bohringer, they're all great. Michel Jonasz as Elie Leizer, Victor's dad is marvelous. And so is Frankie Wallach as the young Annie. Pascal Elso as the good man Joseph is great. Everybody does a good job in this show. This has been made with a light touch, they've brought humor to the serious topic. That is, I think, a good thing. Even when the times are bad, you can't forget the laughter. The optimism is always present. You watch this, at times, with a smile on your face.



And the movie...french language, no subs, Ripped from a TV channel SAT...but good quality audio and video...

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Hope you like ;) Cya from ART :thumbsup

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