[REL] Le Fils du Français (1999)

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[REL] Le Fils du Français (1999)

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Le Fils du Français (1999)


Search for "Fanny Valette" at http://www.puer.to/gae/index.htm

Not sure about this one, I can't find many images/reviews :cry:

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Rich :)

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Re: [REL] Le Fils du Français (1999)

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translated from a french web site... crude but it should give an idea...

When a nine year old boy and his two grandmothers launch out to the research of the father of the child in full Amazonia, one can expect a long series of mishaps. Especially when the two grandmothers hate themselves and that one adds with the program a irrascible gold digger, an Italian music lover and very malicious drug traffickers.

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