[REL] Ik was pas 14 (2016) [Netherlands]

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[REL] Ik was pas 14 (2016) [Netherlands]

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Re: [REL] Je n'avais que 14 ans (2016) [France]

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AKA I Was Only 14 Years Old
arte.tv wrote:A gray-haired, parchment-faced woman recounts a traumatic event that happened in 1944, shortly after her 14th birthday: the deportation of her father to Germany.
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Re: [REL] Je n'avais que 14 ans (2016) [France]

Postby popdrome » Tue Feb 18, 2020 1:52 pm  0 likes

A few corrections here.

Original title is "Ik was pas 14"
Country is The Netherlands

English title "I was only 14"
German title "Ich war erst 14"
French title "Je n'avais que 14 ans"


Filmmaker Froukje van Wengerden’s 86-year-old grandmother shares a powerful memory from 1944, when she was just 14. As her story unfolds, we see a group of contemporary 14-year-old girls. Their procession of portraits permits the spectator to see simultaneously forward and back, into the future and towards the past. A miraculous testimonial that uses eye contact to focus the viewer inward and evoke unexpected emotions.


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