[REL] ...ya no puede caminar. (2001) short [Spain]

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[REL] ...ya no puede caminar. (2001) short [Spain]

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...ya no puede caminar. (2001)
A child, Pacheco, has a phobia of small animals (insects, worms, lizards and so on). His father, in an attempt to help him get over his phobia, exposes him to a very unusual therapy: he makes him sleep with some of these animals closed in a jar and kept in the house. In this way, Pacheco slowly gets used to contact with the animals and is finally able to overcome his initial repugnance to the point of even feeling affection for them. So much so that the final result goes way over his father's wildest expectations. Written by CortoCircuito
RFF wrote:[Controversial scenes] Controversial scenes:
Pacheco (Junio Valverde, 11) has the bath (nudity supposed but not much seen).
Irene (Miriam Giovanelli, 11) seen topless in a hole.

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