[REL] Razor Sharp (2006) short [USA]

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[REL] Razor Sharp (2006) short [USA]

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Amazon may have bought the rights to this one and this will make it difficult to get. While I continue my search for it I can offer you a couple of other shorts to watch that she [Skye McCole Bartusiak] did... :D

Razor Sharp

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Re: [REL] Razor Sharp (2006) short [USA]

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Razor Sharp (2006) short [USA]
vimeo wrote:Impenetrable fortresses, SWAT trained security forces, the occasional piece of malfunctioning gear; it’s all in a day’s work for corporate thief Veronica Sharpe. But business turns anything but usual when she’s hired by her underworld boss Rory Dex to steal an exotic codebreaker from a high-security skyscraper.

After rallying with her mentor, a grizzled Russian named Karloff Bryce, a plan to breach the tower’s defenses is born. However, the one contingency Veronica could never anticipate is the strain the job will place on her morality and skill once she’s confronted with the dark reality of the codebreaker itself.

Set in a near-future world where corporations strangle the globe, RAZOR SHARP blends a surprising amount of humor with pulse-pounding action to create an experience that is truly criminal to miss.
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