[REL] Sara's Portraits (2009) short film [USA]

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[REL] Sara's Portraits (2009) short film [USA]

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Re: Sara's Portraits (2009) short film [USA]

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vimeo wrote:A girl captures the truth of her family picture day--beyond the smiles.

"Sara's Portraits" is a family film about a spunky and curious young girl who receives a Polaroid camera for Christmas. With her new present, Sara works to capture the behind-the-scenes of her family picture day. While family members get ready for a happy picture together, Sara wanders about the house, snapping her camera. Amongst the chaos, Sara discovers a quiet moment in her grandmother's bathroom. There, Sara documents her sick grandmother's quiet sadness on a happy day. She takes her grandmother's picture in a bubble bath--with no make-up and no smile.

"Sara's Portraits" shows how a young girl can find a genuine moment on a day of superficial tradition. Sara becomes the true professional photographer as she examines and captures the family in action.
Aha! Another Rylie film. :)

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