[REL] Adalyn (2010) short [USA]

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[REL] Adalyn (2010) short [USA]

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Adalyn (2010)




Adalyn is a 12-year-old girl whose imagination knows no bounds. This film chronicles just one of her many adventures with her stuffed elephant, Elephas, as water fights turn into battlefields and dark bedrooms turn into ancient temples. Taking cues from creative geniuses like Bill Watterson, Adalyn delves into the imaginative potential of children. This film in particular explores the basic truths of nonviolence from a children's perspective. Adalyn has a chance to humiliate the school bully but is presented with alternative actions from her stuffed animal friend whose thoughts and ideas are oddly familiar to what Adalyn already knows to be true. The final decision rests with Adalyn: to do what the other children tell her, or to listen to the voice inside of her.


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Re: [REL] Adalyn (2010) short [USA]

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Thanks. Looks interesting. :)
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