[REQ] Jody's Bra [USA] (2011) 15min Short

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[REQ] Jody's Bra [USA] (2011) 15min Short

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Jody's Bra

Official Synopsis:
Jody's Bra is the story of a 12 year old girl who's larger-than-average bra is stolen by the popular girls at summer camp. When her delicates are run up the flag pole, Jody is humiliated. But when the stakes are raised by involving the boys camp next door, she is forced to take the law into her own hands to get her bra back, or her entire future social life is doomed.

Official Site:

Another movie starring Kaitlin Morgan as well as a bevy of cute kids. :)

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Re: [REQ] Jody's Bra [USA] (2011) 15min Short

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