[REL] Leidenschaftliche Blümchen (1978)

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[REL] Leidenschaftliche Blümchen (1978)

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Leidenschaftliche Blümchen (1978)


This film was apparently made the same year as "Debbie Does Dallas" with highly similar plot lines. School girls form a "company" offering sexual services. Only in this film the girls charge money, not because they need it, but they believe that they should be compensated for their "sacrifice", even though they were the ones itching to lose their virginity. They offer their "services" to the boys school across the bridge, who promptly form a "company" of clients. Through a series of mishaps, no one seems to get laid.

This film starts off rather promisingly with the camera focused on a pair of breasts on par with Shannon Elizabeths (not quite though, these girls were real teenagers and plastic surgery was less common then). The girls appear in various states of undress and do a shower scene together. But since apparently they were under age (Fabiana Udenio was fourteen, Natassia Kinski seventeen). There clothes stay on during the sexual encounters.

I must admit that this film grows on you with repeated viewings and with time--I dont think this film could be made today with the strict child pornography laws in the U.S.

If you want to see some gorgeous girls in their flowering womanhood, this one is one of the tops--despite a weak plot.

Finally a complete source for this movie :D I'm assuming that there are English subtitles hardcoded since it is under it's English name :)

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Rich :)

p.s. the girls are in their mid-teens :P


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