[REL] Das weisse Kaninchen (2016)

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[REL] Das weisse Kaninchen (2016)

Postby ghost » Mon Nov 28, 2016 9:03 pm  25 likes


This is from user review (I couldn't find a plot description in english):
This is the story of a 13yo girl who keeps meeting the wrong chat partners online. One is a teenage boy who has downright evil things in mind and the other is a fully-grown man, a teacher, who poses as a boy online and he actually may have good things in mind, namely protecting the girl from bad influence. Or is he really? I will not go into detail to avoid (further) spoilers. Yes the film is slightly over-the-top in terms of drama and it may be a bit too harsh about the online world because the predators are just really not many, to a level where you could almost call them non-existent. But for dramatic purpose, they did without the realism here and I don't really blame them. Striesow gives a good performance and the rest of the cast is fairly convincing too I guess. The film's biggest strength is really that you never know if Striesow's character is good or bad until the very end and this question is one that helps a lot in keeping the audience interested until the closing credits roll in. Also a nice ending somewhat, pretty inspired and absolutely not generic, even if again maybe not too much on the realistic side. But if you are not looking for a film and a story that could actually happen in real life and instead see it as a pure work of fiction, then you will probably enjoy the watch as much as I did. I give it a thumbs-up, definitely one of the better television films from 2016 and I can see why it seems to manage to get fairly popular pretty quickly. See it.



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