[REL] Thief Lord (2006)

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[REL] Thief Lord (2006)

Postby kev » Thu Mar 16, 2006 7:53 am  1 likes

AKA: Herr der Diebe [Boys film with girl{s}]

From what I understand, this movie was actually filmed in English.

A quote from imdb comments:

Excellent! The book was spectacular as well as the movie! I recommend this to everyone. It comes out on DVD on March 14, 2006. You should most definitely watch it!Cornelia Funke did a wonderful job thinking up such a story. This has a spectacular cast. Rollo Weeks is, in my opinion, the ONLY choice for Scipio aka The Thief Lord.The plot is that with a surprise ending. My favorite character is Scipio. This movie is perfect for males and females of all ages. It was originally made in English but was dubbed for German theaters. So, every one who speaks English, don't worry! You can still see this wonderful movie!If you see it and just love it(which I know you will) you should recommend it to all your friends!






The IMDB Link:


The 'Official' Website Link:


The ed2k Link:

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Looks like fun!


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