[REL] Bergkristall (2004)

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[REL] Bergkristall (2004)

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Bergkristall (2004)



Translated from German...

In a modern winter sports place the minister (max of Tidof) tells the Weihnachtslegende to a family from the city of the magic "rock crystal": Despite the centuries-old feud between the villages Gschaid and Millsdorf fall in love the shoemaker Sebastian (Daniel Morgenroth) and the beautiful Faerberstochter Susanne (Dana Vavrova). The young woman in Gschaid is considered nevertheless as "conceited" Millsdorferin, suffers from prejudices and hate. Heavy heart returns it without the 13jaehrigen Konrad (François Goeske) and the 11jaehrige Sanna (Josefina Vilsmaier) to its parents.

Brothers and sisters hope for a reconciliation of their parents by the charm of the rock crystal, which is to again unite after an old legend loving. When the children turn out themselves after an attendance with the nut/mother at the holy night in the snow-covered mountains mad and in mortal danger, the disliked and drilled Doerfler comes finally to the meditation. After the novella "rock crystal" of Adalbert founder from the year 1853 tells the price-crowned director Joseph Vilsmaier (among other things "autumn milk", "Comedian Harmonists", "Schlafes brother") a moving history of love and hate, confidence and reconciliation, tradition and family - of values, which have also today still validity. A strong, modern family film before singular mountain window blind, which in its timelessness history and present fascinate woven with one another and by its picture force. Large emotion cinema of archaischer force for the whole family.



Anyone know this one? Any good?

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Re: [REL] Bergkristall (2004)

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I have lend this one from the video store in expectation of it to be something, but it wasn't. Unfortunately, a totally boring movie with not the slightest valuable scene. :(
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