[REL] Hasenherz (1987)

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[REL] Hasenherz (1987)

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Hasenherz (1987)

This quote is from German using a free translator, so try to understand :lol:

Janni is 13 years old and very graceful. It carries its hair short and usually jeans, therefore holds one it to its annoyance often for a boy. Also director Berger, that comes with its team in Jannis class, happens that, because he seeks a young performer for the roll of 'prince rabbit heart' in a fairy tale film.

Also as one says to it that Janni is a girl, wants it after the sample receptions unconditionally that it plays the anxious little king son. Janni goes in with mixed feelings finally on that. In the class, it, it told would play a princess. Yet the work in the film is something special, and Janni succeeds it, like prince rabbit heart, over itself and its anxieties out increase.

When it learns know in the course of the filming the same age Sabine, this believes would be also, Janni a boy. It issued your brother Sebastian just as, and that felled reversed felled Janni yet fewer, because Sebastian it very well. Sabine is very furiously when it discovers, that Janni is a girl.

The film is at this time almost finished, and its friends and the entire class to the premiere invites Janni. The children do not marvel badly, and Janni can be happy yet very about the fact that it prince played rabbit heart.

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Oringinall posted by moritzmecker :D

thanks, Rich :)


Re: [REL] Hasenherz (1987)

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Any chance of a few extra complete sources on this one?

Many thanks
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Re: [REL] Hasenherz (1987)

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Restored version in Full HD:
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Re: [REL] Hasenherz (1987)

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Thank you ghost!

It is interesting reading a machine-translation from German to English from 18 years ago (first post). I found it almost incomprehensible. My, how much machine translation has IMPROVED since then! Here from IMDB is an actual English synopsis, for those who want to know what it is about:
The thirteen year old Janni is depressed, because she's still a little behind in her physical development. This leads to bullying remarks from her classmates. One day, a film crew comes to her school to find a candidate for the role of a Prince in a movie. They choose Janni, who they think is a boy. She takes on the role. At school, she tells her classmates she plays a Princess. When the moment of truth approaches she must find the self-confidence to invite the class to the premiere.
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Re: [REL] Hasenherz (1987)

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AHAHAHA I love it! I know exactly what you're talking about, Night. I was there, back during that time, trying to use the translator. I remember we could only rely on using it like a dictionary, and maybe translating simple phrases. We used to call it the "apple monkey carburetor" effect. I still have some screenshots of my favorite passages translated into English from that era, some interesting passages you just couldn't make up.

That said, that restored HD version of Hazenherz looks magnificent! Thanks ghost!
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