[REL] Himmel und Hölle aka Heaven and Hell (1994)

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[REL] Himmel und Hölle aka Heaven and Hell (1994)

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I was too lazy to prepare an actual presentation / description for this one and it's nothing too special anyway but I thought that there might be some fans of Hans-Christian Schmid (23, CRAZY, REQUIEM, STORM) here who would appreciate his first feature film, made for Television in 1994.

The plot is centered around a young, single mother who moves to a small Bavarian (it seems) village with her little daughter Nina. Alien to her new surroundings, Nina quickly finds herself drawn to the boy scout-like youth group of her mysterious religious teacher Mrs. Singer (Hannelore Hoger). The group - you guessed it - is organised like a children's sect and Mrs. Singer teaches them that "death is preferable to sin" and that they must "fight vice and lust" whereever they find it, by any means. And that there are "black demons" who can take possession of human beings who aren't "pure" enough. Nina soon becomes one of Mrs. Singer's favourite, most fervent sheep - so much so, that she even kills her cat because she fears that it's possessed by a demon!
However, she also grows increasingly hostile towards her "sinful" mother and her best friend Miriam who happens to have darker skin which, according to Mrs. Singer, makes her prone to fall victim to the "demon"...

As you might guess from that synopsis, the film is an extremely cheesy TV drama with some rural horror thrown in. It's competently directed but has 90ies television movie of the week written all over it, with shabby cinematography and a cheap musical score - looking at all his subsequent films (most of which I don't admire but certainly appreciate), I doubt it was much more than an exercise and a breakthrough chance for Schmid. The most memorable thing about the film is Hannelore Hoger who gives an enjoyably demonic performance as the witch-like teacher. For completists.
(The reason I tracked this down was a childhood memory: when I was 12, our teacher showed this film to us at school and it was quite a scare.)
- Draxtra


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rip by Draxtra(TV -> VHS -> DVD-R -> XviD). Sourced from a tape recording of the initial airing on November 8th 1994.

Enjoy and Good luck :?
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Re: [REL] Himmel und Hölle aka Heaven and Hell (1994)

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Sounds interesting, doesn't it :eyecrazy

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