[REL] Der kalte Himmel (2011)

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[REL] Der kalte Himmel (2011)

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Der kalte Himmel.aka.Frozen Sky(2011)


Germany, 1967, a time of growing social unrest, as hard-dying prejudices collide with new, revolutionary, liberal views. Deep in the rural farmlands, a young wife and mother of three, Marie, is about to undertake an incredible adventure to help her six-year-old son Felix, a “problem child” whose introverted, anti-social behavior is becoming increasingly difficult for the family to support. When the primary school refuses to accept Felix, only Marie unwaveringly stands by her child, who is a genius with numbers and clearly prefers them to people. With her husband's farm nearly bankrupt and her mother-in-law organizing an exorcism, Marie finds understanding only in Alexandra, called Alex, the unconventional new choirmaster from Berlin. She introduces Marie to her friend Niklas, a young Berlin child psychiatrist who believes he might be able to help Felix. In spite of the family's crushing financial situation, Marie sets off for Berlin with Felix.

In Berlin, Marie learns that her health insurance won't pay for Felix's therapy. Determined to go through with it anyway, she finds a job as a waitress in a night club – and a place to stay with Alex, who has returned to Berlin. The chaotic, devil-may-care, free-loving lifestyle in Alex's commune in itself proves therapeutic to Felix, who is accepted by the commune dwellers' children. Soon, Niklas also gains the trust of his little patient, who begins to reveal the full extent of his mathematical and musical gifts. Yet although Felix is responding well to the therapy, Niklas is forced to be brutally direct with Marie: Felix is autistic and will never function the way “normal” people do. He recommends that Felix be sent to a special psychiatric clinic. Marie and her husband have reached a crossroads: if they help Felix, they will destroy their family. But just as Marie begins to lose hope, an unexpected solution awaits her and Felix on their return...

IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1663896/

(Part1[HDTV],no sub)
http://www.multiup.org/fr/download/055d ... V.1of2.avi

(Part2[HDTV],no sub)

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Re: [REL] Der kalte Himmel (2011)

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Looks very interesting - thanks
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