[REL] Maladolescenza (1977)

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Re: [REL] Maladolescenza (1977)

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Sully23 wrote:To see you say paparazzi took pictures and published a note for newspapers of the time something that today would be like an exclusive image is published in a tabloid or filmed images of the filming something is common in Hollywood films when the press filters them.

No, I'm talking about pictures taken by authorized photographers. Those production stills are typically used on posters and other forms of advertising for the film. They may be provided to film critics, for example, so they have something to illustrate their reviews with. They're also frequently used as DVD cover art, and several more appear on the back of the jacket. Paparazzi would only be hanging around a movie set if they knew about the film and there were well known celebrities involved. Most of the time they're not allowed access and have to use their big telescope sized zoom lenses to get pictures.

Sully23 wrote:If I think there are deleted scenes is common in any film either by classification, duration, or another reason happens in the post production, although if there are few films there are no extras maybe it is when the same person directs, produces, writes and stars, and my opinion does not mean it's true can not be confirmed or denied, it's just a simple theory

When there are multiple camera angles in a scene each camera films the whole scene, and snippets from all of them are edited together in post production. Many scenes are longer than what ends up in the final cut. Watch any part of a movie that jumps around a lot - there's quite a bit of film on the cutting room floor, so to speak, to make one of those sequences. In each segment the actors just kept doing whatever activity they were doing until the Director yelled "Cut!". A minute or two of footage might only contribute five or ten seconds to the movie. And of course, they often do multiple takes. These days you actually get to see some of the outtakes if they include a blooper reel on the disc.

An indie flick from 1977 might only exist as the final cut now. Unless someone has been preserving the original footage it's long gone. But if it is still around, there'd be lots of material beyond what we've seen. That's the case with any production. Too bad we'll never see any of it. The odds of a bluray or even a remastered DVD ever being released are practically nil.
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Re: [REL] Maladolescenza (1977)

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If someone among you wishes to inquire about the above debated issues, here are some contacts that could be useful

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Re: [REL] Maladolescenza (1977)

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My speculation was based on a photo of the actress sophie lilis circulating about there was a scene extended in the bathtub the same thing made me think about the pictures of Eva and Laura swimming

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