[REL] Korczak (1990)

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[REL] Korczak (1990)

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Korczak (1990)

True story about a Jewish doctor, Janusz Korczak, who lived in Warsaw during the Nazi rule and who there ran an orphanage for Jewish children. As the situation gets worse and worse, it growing more and more difficult for him to feed the kids, rumors of what "deportation" truly means coming to light, Korczak ignores numerous invites to flee, vows to stand by his "200 children".

This he certainly did, in more ways than one, a portrait of a truly caring, monumental man here painted by the talented Polish director Andrzej Wajda. Though quite sad, this is one nobody should miss, is comparable to Schindler's List, deeply moving. The script was written by Agnieszka Holland.
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May be in German :(

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