[REL] Panny i wdowy (1991)

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[REL] Panny i wdowy (1991)

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AKA Maidens and Widows

The epic story of one hundred years of Polish history from the perspective of women. Against the background of the turbulent storm of historical film tells the story of the history of five ladies, coming from a wealthy landowning family.
This is a five episode miniseries. It would be of no interest to FLM except that episode 3 is posted at RFF and is OT. In one scene in this episode a little girl is returned to her family, she had been lost to them when her mother died in childbirth in Siberia. She appears to have been treated badly in the interim.


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I have looked at the entire series, and while a couple of other girls appear they aren't very significant, the series moves pretty quickly to cover 5 generations in 5 episodes.
There is an episode description at http://www.filmpolski.pl/fp/index.php/123864 (translated http://translate.google.com/translate?h ... 64&prev=_t )

The entire series is available at http://gram24.pl/f425/panny-i-wdowy-1991-a-203913.html
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Re: [REL] Panny i wdowy (1991)

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Thanks FLL! :bigups

I only had a clip so far.
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