[REL] Awantura o Basię (1995)

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[REL] Awantura o Basię (1995)

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Awantura o Basię (1995)
Country: Poland
Language: Polish
Release Date: 1995 (Poland)
http://merlin.pl/Awantura-o-Basie_Kazim ... l#fullinfo



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Re: [REQ] Awantura o Basię (1995)

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Looks like this is available as both movie ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0405721/) and miniseries ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0405518/).

Found something here: http://www.filesmap.com/files/search/awantura/

but most links do not seem to work :wall

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Re: [REQ] Awantura o Basię (1995)

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Children's imagination and sense of humor, noble attitude and love in the television screening of novel Kornel Makuszynski. A little girl after her mother's death goes to the unknown guardians. A charming and disarming, not only in itself rozkochuje all but the heart is able to connect two men competing for her, who finds a home and family warmth. What will the fate of growing up beautiful, albeit wild pannicy?

* 1.Awantura first thing about that is, continue their journey
* 2.Awantura second or blurred whole thing on a piece of
* 3.Awantura third thing that is unusual about the theater and dog
* 4.Awantura quarter or for a Solomonic judgment
* 5.Awantura fifth of a plot that is the real women
* 6.Awantura sixth means for the idol and the seven-collar
* 7.Awantura thing about the seventh or two of these ...
* 8.Awantura eighth or search for a lost past
* 9.Awantura the ninth or the unexpected loss
* 10.Awantura tenth or unusual thing about the expedition
* 11.Awantura eleventh or the method of treatment for heart
* 12.Awantura for about twelve or literary deceit Kornel Makuszynski

First episode:

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Re: [REQ] Awantura o Basię (1995)

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There is also a movie from 1959 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052593/

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Re: [REL] Awantura o Basię (1995)

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Thanks lara for releasing the first episode. I'm moving this to [REL] and hoping other episodes turn up.
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