[REL] Karantin (1983)


[REL] Karantin (1983)

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Hi this is my first post (was always too shy to speak, and never had any movies to post)

Found this on emule, and thought might be of interest:

Karantin (1983) A.K.A. Quarantine


This Russian kids' flick predominately follows a girl of about six years as she interacts with friends and family. One of the main vignettes involves our heroine getting lost then hooking up with a male peer, who she struggles to reunite herself once the tykes make their ways back to their parents, go their separate ways.

Don't have vid caps but a preview shows its good quality, and the girl is adorable :)

Codec: DIX50 Bitrate 1142kb/s Audio Mpeg-1 Layer3

Dont have bandwidth to powershare atm, but plenty of sources

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