[REL] Priklyucheniya Petrova i Vasechkina (1983)

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[REL] Priklyucheniya Petrova i Vasechkina (1983)

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"Priklyucheniya Petrova i Vasechkina" is a movie about two buddies - two simple pupils (of the Soviet era) who are very funny. The movie has fine music and songs performed by children and nice background electronic soundtrack. The acting is very outspoken and frank. The movie itself consists of 2 large parts (each of them also contains several smaller ones). Each piece is a kind of short story. All the stories are linked together. Though, at first sight the film may seem very childish. it is a mistake to judge it like this, because it has some moral lessons to teach and more than a few witty jokes to consume.

I am ready to praise the sequel to this movie at any time - i.e. "Kanikuly Petrova i Vasechkina". That one is a No.1 movie for kids. No other movie for children will ever surpass its quality, I am sure (the sets, the characters, the tunes and songs are immortal). It is rather sad but I consider the great Russian cinema dead since the eighties. We should invest our money into agriculture during the following years, instead of frustrating tons of roubles making hundreds of tasteless films.

7 out of 10 (it's a very objective mark, while unlike its sequel, it is very deeply rooted into our former reality - the reality which we had in the USSR, otherwise it would be a solid 9). Thanks for attention.


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