[REL] Fantazii Vesnuhina 1977

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[REL] Fantazii Vesnuhina 1977

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Only info I can find in Russian BUT this is an excellent fairy tale type film with two cute kids and a cat. Dress is very much as you would expect from that period :-)

Hope you enjoy this one...

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Re: [REL] Fantazii Vesnuhina 1977

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Film from the production of Odessa film studio. It deals with adventures of class mates from the 1-st class in one Odessa school with many small jokes from life of schoolmates both at school, in families and on the streets.

The main plot is about boy with face full of sun spots, who dreams about training of his cat for exhibition in the circus and who acquaint with curcus clown. His little girlfrend supports him in his efforts. The clown has its face also full of the sun-spots - either on the circus mask or opn the true face. But the main beauty of the film is in small funny events attached to the main plot.

I can present better release of the film:
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Yana Paplovskaya well known from her latter film "Pro Krasnuyu Shapochku", plays minor role of one of main heroes schoolmates. Screenshots of the film with this little girl star (that time, now she is completely adult) follows:



The last picture shows one of the main figures - the Vesnuhin's cat. After stay in the refrigerator, it changed its color from sandy to light blue. All class sings jointly with teacher interesting song "Look on the cat" with rendering in the style between russian rustical folklore and american gospel.

The sun-spots on Yana's face had drew Yana itself in solidarity with sun-spots of Vesnuhin, similarly as other classmates. Main hero alias "Vesnuhin" is derived from russian term "vesnuchki" being sun-spots.
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Re: [REL] Fantazii Vesnuhina 1977

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It's great that the Russian movies finally get perfect previews and descriptions :thumbsup
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Re: [REL] Fantazii Vesnuhina 1977

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Thanks for the upgrade! :thumbsup
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Re: [REL] Fantazii Vesnuhina 1977

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The title according to RFF is Fantazii Vesnukhina ( http://www.rarefilmfinder.com/showfilm.php?id=2538 ) and loosely translates to "Freckles Fantasy". Here's the cover...


I've watched part 1 and part 2 will probably finish tonight or tomorrow. This is a cute one, even without subtitles. Thanks, jkecal and billanben. :dance
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Re: [REL] Fantazii Vesnuhina 1977

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Yana Poplavskaya
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