[REL] Rusalka (2007)

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[REL] Rusalka (2007)

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Rusalka (the Mermaid), 2007


After watching this beautiful movie, I was rather shocked to learn,
that the pretty girl playing the 17 yo lead role is in fact 26 years of age. :crazy

there's lots of flashbacks and the precocious Nastya, playing the younger Alysa;


has at least one third screentime too.

The magical, fanciful tale of an introverted little girl who grows up believing she has the power to make wishes come true.
She must reconcile this belief with reality when, as a young woman, she journeys to Moscow and grapples with love, modernity and materialism.

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Hope you like,

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set to release..


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Re: [REL] Rusalka (2007)

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Thanks alot, wonder what this will be like^^
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