[REL] 4:0 v polzu Tanechki (1982)

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[REL] 4:0 v polzu Tanechki (1982)

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4:0 в пользу Танечки
4:0 in favour of Tanechka (Tatiana)

Title similar to sport game score.

http://filmiki.arjlover.net/info/4.0.v. ... i.avi.html

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Film about school class 5B and its teacher - class leader Tanechka. Oddesa studio, similar to [REL] Fantazii Vesnuhina 1977, but without future child stars.

Merry tale from russian school. Class 5B is very agile and undisciplined. It obtained new class leader - young teacher Tanechka cutting her first teeth of teaching. There is some reverse situation - Tanechka grandparents take care of their grand-doughter, accompany her during her journey to school, wait for her at the end of school hours... Clasmates like her, but by inertia continue disturbing. Classmates also take care for their teacher, visit her grandparents at home, finally decided to find her some love - young school school sanitationist All is accompanied by many humorous situations.

Beauty of the film is not in its overall plot, but in small scenes from the school environment, natural behaviour of children and general humour from the school environment. Fotrunatelly - so different from "humour" from the American High Schools.

Film was recorded in the small town south from Moscow in winter.



Some examples of jokes:
One of girl's name is Lena Raznocvetova (sg. as Lena Multicolor). When teacher Tanya asks her, why she use ribbons of different colors on her both pigtails, the answers is: It is due to her name.
Ones the older pupils take boys from 5B all buttons, belts etc. Total catastroph during examination. One of boys asks Lena: Give me your ribbon. The rest of day you can see her with one ribbon only.
Later, shoolmates from 5B decided to be exemplary. Tanya aska Lena, why she have two black ribbons: Have you changed your name? Answer was: No, only my customs.

Ones puppils bought ice cream for all class including Tanya. She rejected it and frown it away, remainder was left to melt. Later, when she made peace with class, she bought ice cream, but forgot for it - it melted and flown out from her bag.

You can see there also one typical phenomenon of the Soviet folklore: the all night queue for the new release of the new issue of the rare Chekhov book. Under the soviet period, such queues have changed to complicated institution - the state book editors produced plenty of political agit "literature", which was nobody interested in, but the requested titles were rare. Only after viewing this film, I have understand, how great was present of my tutor - collected works of A. S. Pushkin. And thru this gift I have understand the beauty of the Russian poetry based on the sound and acccents of Russian language.

Naturally, such queues have not occured for the books only, there has been queues for almost everything, from cars and housing up to nails. And not only in Soviet Union. But nowhere else it was developed to so superior form, like therein.

I personally studied such overnight queues twice - for the exhibitions of Tutanchamon and Mona Lisa (Gioconda) in the Pushkin's Museum of Visual Arts in Moscow.

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Re: [REL] 4:0 v polzu Tanechki (1982)

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Now for some reason I DID miss this one the first time around..

Well, you can bet I'm d/loading it now!!

Many thanks, again, jkecal for what looks to be another cool release!

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