[REL] Priklyucheniya Elektronika (1979)

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Re: [REL] Priklyucheniya Elektronika (1979)

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OK, there is a plot summary at IMDB, so this is easy enough for me :blush
Professor Gromov constructs a robot called Electronic, which looks exactly like Sergey Syroezhkibn, a 6-grader from one of Odessa (USSR) schools. The robot also acts a lot like a human, and its dream is to become a real man. Electronic escapes from the professor's lab and accidentally meets Sergey, his prototype. Meanwhile, a gang lead by Stump is trying to kidnap Electronic to make him steal pictures from museums. For this purpose they send their hitman Urrie.
Don't you think that the Russian marathon today was just great? Ldieguez_ in the lead, me close behind with the links and Phuzzy doing all the hard work :thumbsup

I've downloaded most OT movies from arjlover and watched many of them, but I never had the balls to post them here with nice overviews. Thanks again Phuzzy for this work :clap
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Re: [REL] Priklyucheniya Elektronika (1979)

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i first found arjlover with a mention from Rich. back then i had unlimited Internet usage.(those were the days) i downloaded hundreds of movies from that site and found it to be a very nice. i don't speak any Russian and with no clue as to what kind of movie i would be getting, a lot of nice surprises indeed.

i wish i could go back to that time period of long shirts they call dresses :heart if it was warm it was rare to see a girl that wasn't dressed as such. this time period proves to be very beneficial for us.

thanks guys for doing the hard work :thumbsup
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Re: [REL] Priklyucheniya Elektronika (1979)

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BizarreLoveTriangle wrote::eyecrazyand Phuzzy doing all the hard work :thumbsup
It isn't hard to Google, just time consuming. I hope I didn't mangle the Russian translations too badly. :think
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