[REL] Chastnoe pionerskoe (2013)

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[REL] Chastnoe pionerskoe (2013)

Postby jkecal » Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:15 am  15 likes

Chastnoe pionerskoe (2013)
Private Pioneer Swear

Another serial with Anfisa Vistingausen (3 parts by 1 hour)

Parody of soviet period child films.
Adventure of two boys, one girl and one dog.
Explanation of the film title: Within soviet period, kids often used pioneer swear (word of honor?) "Chestnoe pionerskoe". Film title is parody of this swear replacing word "chestnoe" (= of honor) for "chastnoe" (personal, private ...).


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Re: [REL] Chastnoe pionerskoe (2013)

Postby kev » Mon Feb 03, 2014 2:21 pm  0 likes

This series looks cool!

Did a quick scan of the first two episodes, and all that's needed to make the parody 'complete' is for the kids to occasionally break into song! :lol: I look forward to getting this one.

Thanks for your recent contributions, jkecal!!


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