[REL] Guerra de papá, La (1977)

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[REL] Guerra de papá, La (1977)

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Guerra de papá, La (1977)

Based on a novel by one of the greater Spanish writers of the XX century (Miguel Delibes), "La Guerra de Papá" (Dad's War) tells the story of a typical day for a 3-year-old boy in 1964. The little boy, played by Lolo García, spends his day running around playing with his 5-year-old brother and interacting with the adults in the household (mother, servants...). Through his innocent eyes we see a portrait of Spanish society in the 60's (with its many conflicts and contradictions). The film is also a very good character study of the adults and of the boy himself, who feels jealous because he is no longer the youngest child in the house, since he has a 1-year-old sister.


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Re: [REL] Guerra de papá, La (1977)

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boy movie ;) it has several OT scenes.
i can't confirm rich's link but mine is good. check out screen shots here http://blizzardkid.net/category/comedy- ... start_com=


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Re: [REL] Guerra de papá, La (1977)

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Thanks for finding this, ptg! Moving to REL.

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