[REL] La Flaqueza del bolchevique (2003)

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[REL] La Flaqueza del bolchevique (2003)

Postby kev » Sun Jul 09, 2006 2:19 am  7 likes

AKA: The Weakness of the Bolshevik

IMDB link:

Based on a novel by Lorenzo Silva, this movie deals with the unusual and tragic relationship between a frustrated businessman and a 14-year-old student. After crashing into the rear of the car in front of him, Pablo Lopez starts arguing with the other driver, Sonsoles, who finally files for an injury claim against him. Therefore, the angry manager starts harassing her and observes her younger sister Maria in her schoolyard. When he gets to know the intelligent girl, his perception of life is changed totally, but...

Embittered man in his thirties (Pablo), who is fed up with his daily routine and society, meets a young girl (María) that brings him a puff of fresh air and makes him think that life has sense again. He knows he shouldn't do it but, he realizes that it's fruitless to fight against those kinds of feelings. The film is based in the homonym novel by Lorenzo Silva.

Fantastic performance of Luis Tosar (Los lunes al sol, Te doy mis ojos, Inconscientes...), [he's] able to transmit all kind of emotions with his face, and María Valverde, [possesses] innocence and freshness on her debut.







Looks like a 'Lolita-esque' type movie, with María Valverde in the role of the seductive 14 yo. María was 16 at the time of the movie's release, so she was probably actually 14 or 15 at the time of filming.

ed2k links:
Like this post to see ed2k links  [777.00 Mb]

Like this post to see ed2k links  [780.11 Mb]

Like this post to see ed2k links  [781.98 Mb]

(Seems like there's a good amount of sources for the middle link.)

Never fear: These are FOUND links and not MY releases ;)

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Re: [REL] La Flaqueza del bolchevique (2003)

Postby billanben » Sun Jul 09, 2006 9:14 am  0 likes

looks good thanks dude

Re: [REL] La Flaqueza del bolchevique (2003)

Postby Debaser » Sun Jul 09, 2006 1:24 pm  0 likes

Thanks Kev..Are any of the links english, not that it really matters ;)
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Re: [REL] La Flaqueza del bolchevique (2003)

Postby sodepetahi » Sun Jul 09, 2006 1:34 pm  9 likes

there is an AVI as well 100+ sources Like this post to see ed2k links  [699.60 Mb]

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