[REL] "Abuela de verano" 2005 (Series)

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Re: [REL] "Abuela de verano" 2005 (Series)

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Just got the first one and this is something for everybody.

Very Cute girls

Thanks for this. I am now downloading all the episodes, well worth it.
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Re: [REL] "Abuela de verano" 2005 (Series)

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Have a lot of "series" similar to this but not sure if separate forum needed, or just post in the relevant country - leaning towards latter. The series I have earmarked (maybe someone can download a couple to see if any good - I am out of HD space) are :-

Mis adorables vecinos
Mesa para cinco
Guiding Light
Alles außer Sex
Advokat (Адвокат)
Un gars, une fille (check out)
Once and Again
Los Serrano
The Pretender 1996 (search 300-400MB)

Also have the following list of films to check out (again no disk space so if someone can help). TIP, once you have identified an actress, check out all of her stuff on IMDB and see if anything looks like "major role" - I know a lot already do this, but it is hours of fun (and frustration !!) :-

MODS - If you want to move this post to separate place feel free to do so :-

Adele Haenel Devils (aka Diables, :Les) (13)
Agnes Soral One Wild Moment (aka Un moment D'égarement) (17)
Aleisa Shirley Sweet 16 (???)
Alessia Fugardi Great Pumpkin (aka Grande Cocomero) (13)
Anais Reboux Fat Girl (aka A Ma Souer) (12)
Anje Schute Tender Cousins (aka Tendres Cousines) (16)
Anna Ammirati Monella (aka Frivilous Lola) (???)
Anouk Aimee Lovers Of Verona (aka Amants De Verone, Les) (17)
Ariel Besse Stepfather (aka Beau Pare) (14)
Blandine Lenoir I Stand Alone (aka Seul Contre Tous) (fam)
Brooke Shields Blue Lagoon (15)
Brooke Shields Just You And Me Kid (13)
Brooke Shields Pix Only (13)
Brooke Shields Pretty Baby (14)
Catherine Bilitis (???)
Catherine Wagener Don't Deliver Us From Evil
Catherine Wagener I Am Frigid... Why (aka Je suis frigide... Pourquoi (??)
Celine Lomez Initiation (aka L'Intiation) (aka Here And Now) (16)
Celine Lomez Snowballin' (aka Apres-Ski) (17)
Charlotte Alexandra Immoral Tales (aka Contes Immoraux) (1974) (???)
Charlotte Gainsbourg Cement Garden (fam)
Charlotte Gainsbourg Charlotte Fo Ever (15) (fam)
Charlotte Gainsbourg Little Thief (aka Petite Voleuse) (17)
Christine Boisson Emmanuelle (17)
Christine Boisson French Way Is (aka Le Mouton Enrage) (17)
Cosma Shiva Hagen Laden, Der (17)
Cristi Harris Night Of The Demons 2 (17)
Crystal Breeze (aka Debbie Cole) Sound Of Love (17)
Daisy Eagan Ripe (17)
Dawn Dunlap Laura (aka Laura. Les Ombres De L'ete)(16)
Deborah Kaufmann Trinker, Der (15)
Deborah Kaufmann Wo Das Herz Zu Hause Ist (13)
Delphine Zentout 36 Fillette (14)
Delphine Zentout Navarro (TV) (15)
Dira Paes Emerald Forest (15)
Drew Barrymore Doppelganger (17)
Drew Barrymore Far From Home (14)
Drew Barrymore Guncrazy (16)
Drew Barrymore Poison Ivy (16)
Emmanuelle Beart First Desires (aka Premiers desirs) (17)
Eva Ionesco Puppy Love (aka Spielen Ir Liebe) (12)
Fairuza Balk Valmont (15)
Gabriele Blum Boarding School (aka Leidenschaftliche Blumchen) (16)
Garima Dhup Kama Sutra: A Tale Of Love (???)
Giuditta Del Vecchio Quiet Days In Clichy (aka Stille Dage I Clichy) (???)
Gunilla Bilitis (???)
Hayley Mills A & E Biography: Hayley Mills Seeing Double (???)
Helene Pors Jacquot (aka Jacquot De Nantes) (
Helle Bilitis (???)
Hilde Nyeggen Martinsen Ice Palace (aka Is-Slottet) (12)
Isabelle Bilitis (???)
Isild Le Besco Girls Can't Swim (aka Filles Ne Savent Pas nager) (17)
Jane Buckle Bilitis (???)
Jena Malone Cheaters (16)
Jena Malone Life As A House (17)
Jill Clayburgh Luna (fam)
Julia Brendler Forbidden Love (aka Verbotene Liebe) (14) (fam)
Juliette Bilitis (???)
Karen Alyx Girls Can't Swim (aka Les filles ne savent pas nager) (16)
Karin Huldt All Things Fair (aka Lust Och Fagring Stor) (16)
Katja Bienert Confessions Of A Campus Virgin (aka Schulmädchen vom Treffpunkt Zoo, Die) (13)
Katja Bienert Diamonds Of Kilimandjaro(ak El Tesoro De La) (17)
Katja Bienert Lillian The Perverted Virgin (aka Lilian) (17)
Katja Bienert Sweet Young Trouble (aka Schulmadchen Reporten 13)
Katja Bienert Wicked Memoirs Of Eugenie (aka Eugenie) (14)
Katya Berger Little Lips (aka Piccole Labbra) (14)
Katya Berger Tales Of Ordinary Madness (17)
Kim Lankford Maibu Beach (16)
Kirsten Baker Gas Pump Girls (17)
Kirsten Baker Teenage Lust (16)
Kleopatra Rota Young Aphrodites (aka Mikres Aphrodites) (???)
Lara Wendel Desire,The Interior Life(aka Desideria:LaVitaInteriore(15)
Lara Wendel Falco E La Colomba (16)
Lara Wendel Mimi (aka Un Dramma Borghese) (fam) (14)
Lara Wendel Puppy Love (aka Spielen Ir Liebe) (12)
Lara Wendel Ring Of Darkness (aka Un Ombra Nell'ombra) (14)
Laure Magadoux Deep Breath (aka Le Souffle) (15)
Leelee Sobieski Eyes Wide Shut (17)
Leelee Sobieski Here On Earth (17)
Linda Blair Born Innocent (15)
Linda Hayden Baby Love (17) (fam)
Line Storesund Ice Palace (aka Is-Slottet) (12)
Lise Danvers Immoral Tales (aka Contes Immoraux) (16)
Margot Bilitis (???)
Maribel Verdu Estanquera De Vallecas, La (17)
Maribel Verdu Orden Comico, El (16)
Marie Liljedahl Inga (aka Jag - En Oskuld) (17)
Martha Plimpton River Rat (13)
Martina Engel Confessions Of A Campus Virgin (aka Schulmädchen vom Treffpunkt Zoo, Die) (??)
Mary Mendum Punishment Of Anne (aka Image) (peeing)
Melanie Griffith Smile (17)
Melodie Collin Tom And Lola (aka Tom Et Lola) (???)
Michelle Johnson Blame It On Rio (17)
Milla Jovovich Return To The Blue Lagoon (14)
Mirella Bilitis (???)
Monica Broeke First Desires (aka Premiers desirs) (??)
Monica Bugajski Shadrach (???)
Monica Keena Ripe (17)
Nastassja Kinski To The Devil A Daughter (17)
Nastassja Kinski Wrong Movement (aka Falsche Bewegung) (16)
Natalie Uher Escape To Paradise (aka Locas Vacaciones) (16)
Natja Brunckhorst Querellee (15)
Natja Brunckhorst We Children From Bahnhof Zoo (aka Christiane F) (15)
Ofelia Medina What Color Is The Wind (De Que Color Es El Viento) (10)
Olivia D'Abo Bolero (16)
Olivia Hussey Romeo And Juliet (15)
Ornella Muti Most Beautiful Wife (aka Moglie Piu Bella, La) (15)
Ornella Muti Summer Affair (aka Sole Nella Pelle, Il) (16)
Peggy Church (aka Patty Smith) Big Snatch (14)
Phoebe Cates Paradise (17)
Reese Witherspoon Man In The Moon (15) (double)
Robin Mattson Bonnie's Kids (17)
Robin Mattson Candy Stripe Nurses (17)
Roxane Mesquida Fat Girl (aka A Ma Souer) (???)
Sabine Bilitis (???)
Sandrine Bonnaire Fire On Sight (aka Tir A Vue) (16)
Sandrine Bonnaire Le Meilleur De La Vie (17)
Sandrine Bonnaire Police (17)
Sandrine Bonnaire To Our Loves (aka A Nos Amours) (15)
Scarlett Johansson Manny And Lo (12)
Shirley Mills Child Bride (aka Dust To Dust) (12)
Simone Griffeth Sixteen (16)
Sophie Marceau Happy Easter (aka Joyeuses Paques) (17)
Surabhi Bhansali Kama Sutra: A Tale Of Love (???)
Susanne Bormann Changing Skins (aka Raus Aus Der Haut) (17)
Tania Heimans Veilig Vrijen (17)
Tatum O'Neal Circle Of Two (16)
Tatum O'Neal Little Darling (15)
Thora Birch American Beauty (17)
Traci Lords (pet) Sexy Shorts (aka Red Hot Rock) (16) (penthouse video)
Trine Dyrholm Springflod (17)
Unknown Female Coca-Cola Kid (???)
Unknown Female Confessions Of A Campus Virgin (aka Schulmädchen vom Treffpunkt Zoo, Die) (13)
Unknown Female Mission (10)
Unknown Female School Girl Report Part 3 (Schulmadchen-Report 3) (11)
Valerie Hug Sentimental Journey (aka Voyage En Douche) (10)
Vanessa Paradis White Wedding (aka Noce Blanche) (17)
Vera Fischer Love Strange Love (fam)
Virginie Ledoyen Children Thieves (aka La Voleur D'Enfants) (15)
Virginie Ledoyen Cold Water (aka Eau Froide, L' ) (17)
Virginie Ledoyen Groundhogs (aka Marmottes, Les) (16)
Yeong-he Han Pistol Opera (aka Pisutoru Opera) (??)

Above The Law - unknown (10)
Acla - unknown (5), unknown (Cool
Alice in the Cities - Yella Rottländer (9)
Alice in Wonderland : Great Books
The Amazing Panda Adventure - Yi Ding (12)
Amazon - unknown (7-11)
Andre - Tina Majorino (9)
Angela - Charlotte Blythe (6), Miranda Stuart Rhyne (10)
Anna From 6 - 18 - Anna Mikhalkova (6)
The Annunciation - Júlia Mérö (11)
A Nos Amours - Sandrine Bonnaire (15)
Art For Teacher's of Children
At Play in the Fields of the Lord - unknown (7-11)
Attention, Turtles!/Vnimaniye, Cherepakha! - unknown (10)
Baraka - unknown (10)
Bandit Queen - Sunita Bhatt? (11)
Bandits - Marie-Sophie L. (11)
Battle of the Villa Fiorita - Olivia Hussey (12), Rosi di Pietro (13)
Beau Père - Ariel Besse (14)
Better Late Than Never - Kimberly Partridge (10)
Bilitis - various (13-15)
Blue Lagoon - Elva Josephson (9), Brooke Shields (15)
Boarding School - Gabrielle Blum (14), Fabiana Udenio (13)
The Boat is Full - Simone (10)
Bolero - Olivia d'Abo (14)
Born Innocent - Linda Blair (14)
Boy Takes Girl - Einat Helfman (9)
The Brady Bunch (TV) - Susan Olsen (10)
The Brood - Cindy Hinds (6)
Burnt by the Sun - Nadia Mikhalkova (Cool
Can Hieronymous Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? - unknown (13)
Child Bride - Shirley Mills (13)
Childhood : Life's Lessons - Chizuka Nakiyawa (6)
Children of Noisy Village - Linda Bergström (Cool, Anna Sahlin (9), Ellen Demerus (11)
Children of Theatre Street - unknown (11)
Christiane F. - Nadja Brunckhorst (14), unknown (13)
Cider With Rosie
The Cold Light of Day - Perdita Weeks (7)
The Coca-Cola Kid - Rebecca Smart (6)
Commissar - unknown (6)
Corrina, Corrina - Tina Majorino (9)
Cria - Maite Sanchez (6), Ana Torrent (10)
Curly Sue - Alisan Porter (9)
Deceived - Ashley Peldon (6)
The Delta Force - Natalie Roth (9)
De Que Color es el Viento - unknown (Cool
Den Vita Stenen - Julia Hede? (9)
Diva - An Luu Thuy (14)
The Diver (Stuperen) - Ida Solvang
Don't Cry, It's Only Thunder - unknown (5)

Ellen Foster - Jena Malone (11)

Embrasse-Moi - Sophie Rochut (11)
The Emerald Forest - unknown (7-11)
Emmanuelle's Daughter - Livia Russo (13)
Ernie Kovacs : Between the Laughter - Heidi Zeigler (5)
Every Other Weekend - Felicie Pasotti (6)
Fairy Tale : A True Story - Elizabeth Earl (10)
The Family Secret (1924) - Baby Peggy (5)
Fatty Finn(?)
Fiorile - Elisa Giani (9)
Fly Away Home - Anna Paquin (13)
For a Lost Soldier - Gineke de Jager (9)
Fortress - Anna Crawford (9), Asher Keddie (11), Beth Buchanan (11)
Friends (1993) - Lindsey Stroh (Cool
Games of the Countess Dolingen of Gratz - Katia Wastchenko (11)
A Girl Named Sooner - Susan Deer (Cool
Girl of Silence - Mami Nakamura (14?)
The Gods Must Be Crazy 2 - Nadies (9)
Goldy : The Last of the Golden Bears - Jessica Black (11)
The Good Mother - Asia Vieira (6)
Great Rock 'n Roll Swindle - unknown (12)
The Green House - Salomee Stevenin (Cool
Gritta van Rattenzuhausenbeiuns - Nadja Klier (13), Kay Fingerle, Anna-Laura Sylvester, Anne Wolf, Claudia Buhmann, Peggy Leschik, Sandra Rogatz
La Guererra Trevadora 2
Hail Mary - Manon Andersen (13)
Harriet the Spy - Michelle Trachenberg (11)
Heidi Fleiss : Hollywood Madam - Heidi Fleiss (7)
Her Desperate Choice - Hanna Hall (Cool
Heroic Trio 2 : Executioners - unknown (5)
Hideaway - Tiffany Foster (11)
His Greatest Gamble - Edith Fellows (11)
House of the Spirits - Hannah Taylor Gordon (Cool
I'll See You In My Dreams - Bunny Lewbel (7)
An Impudent Girl - Charlotte Gainsbourg (13), Julie Glenn (9)
Incredible Kids of China - unknown (6)
Inner Circle - Vera Yekroimova (4)
La Innocenta
In Transit (Pust på Meg) - Pernille Sommerfeldt Oeien (?), Vera Karena Oeyan (?)
Invincible Space Streaker - unknown (9-11)
Is-slottet - Line Storesund (11), Hilde Nyeggen-Martinsen (11)
Jacquot - Fanny Lebreton (9)
Journey for Margaret - Margaret O'Brien (9)
Just a Game (Bare en Lek)
Just You and Me Kid - Brooke Shields (13)
Kids - Yakira Peguero (14)

Kids Don't Tell ?
The Kingdom - Annevig Schelde Ebbe (7)
Knee Dancing - Chiâh Tuck (Cool, Tina Faulkner (14)
The Last Butterfly - Linda Jablonská (10)
Laura - Dawn Dunlap (15)
Lawn Dogs - Mischa Barton (10)
Léolo - Giuditta Del Vecchio (14)
Little Lips - Katya Berger (13)
Look Who's Talking Now! - Tabitha Lupien (4)
Lotta - Greta Havneskjold
Lotta 2 - Greta Havneskjold
Madicken - Jonna Liljendahl, Liv Alsterlund
Maja Steinansikt - May-Thali Magnussen-Liberman (10)
Maladolescenza - Eva Ionesco (12), Lara Wendel (12) You can rent or buy this movie here.
The Man in the Moon - Reese Witherspoon (14)
Manny & Lo - Scarlett Johansson (11)
Maries Lied - Ich War, Ich Weiß Nicht Ro - Anna Graczyk? (11), unknown (Cool
La Maternelle - Paulette Elambert (9)
Me & Maxx (TV) - Melissa Michaelsen (11)
Medicine Man - various (9-11)
Memoirs of a Survivor - unknown (11)
The Mission - unknown (10)
A Mongolian Tale/Hei Ma - Bayirtoya (Cool
Monty Python : The Meaning of Life - unknown (9)
My Life As A Dog - Melinda Kinnaman (12)
Naked Prey - Bella Randles (11)
Nobody's Daughter - Zsuzsa Czinkoczi (7), Emese Nagy (7)
Numero Deux - unknown (7)
Nuts - Hayley Taylor Block (11)
Når Mor Kommer Hjem - Clara Johanne Simonsen (7), Pernille Kaae Høier (6)
The Official Story - Analía Castro (5)
Ohikoshi (Moving) - Tomoko Tabata (11)
Olivier, Olivier - Faye Gatteau (12)
One Good Cop - Rhea Silver Smith (5)
Only Clouds Move the Stars - Thea Sofie Rusten (11)
Other Side of Sunday - Marie Theisen (15)
Our Little Girl - Shirley Temple (Cool
Painted Babies unknown (4)
Papa est Parti...Maman Aussi - Sophie Aubry (14), Anaïs Subra (5)
Paperhouse - Charlotte Burke (11)
The Partridge Family (TV) - Suzanne Crough (7)
Paul and Michelle - Sarah Stout (4)
Peppermint Soda - Éléonore Klarwein (12)
Le Petit Prince a Dit - Vanessa Guedj? (10)
La Petite Bande - either Hèlene Dassule, Nicole Palmer, Katherine Scrimgeour, or Valerie Gauthier (7)
The Piano - unknown (10)
Pippi in the South Seas - Maria Persson (Cool
Pippi On The Run - Maria Persson (Cool
Poltergeist 2 : The Other Side - Heather O'Rourke (Cool
Ponette - Victoire Thivisol (4)
Pretty Baby - Brooke Shields (12)
Prospero's Books - unknown (11)
Quand J'avais 5 Ans, Je Me Tue/When I was 5, I Killed Myself - Salome (Cool
Quiet Days in Clichy - Giuditta Del Vecchio (12), Stephanie Cotta (13)
The Rascals - Pascale Rocard (11)
Red Cherry - Ke-Yu Guo (13), others (11-13)
Return to Paradise - various (7-11)
Return to the Blue Lagoon - Courtney Phillips (Cool, Milla Jovovich (15)
Rich Kids - Trini Alvorado (12)
Ring of Darkness - Lara Wendel (13)
Ripe - Daisy Eagen (15)
Ronja Rövardotter - Hanna Zetterberg (11)
Roula - Tina Hamperl (11)
Sabine Kleist : 7 Jahre - Petra Lämmel (Cool
Sanning Eller Konsekvens - Tove Edfeldt (12), others (12)
Scent of a Woman
- Alyson/Erika Feldman (4)
- Stephanie Charlotta (11)
The Sea Gypsies - Shannon Saylor (7)
Secret Garden (1975/1984) - Sarah Hollis Andrews (9)
Secret Garden (1993) - Kate Maberly (11)
Secrets - unknown (12-13)
El Señor de Osanto - unknown (Cool
Sexual Life of the Belgians - Kathleen Joye (11)

Sheena - Kathryn Grant (6), Kirsty Lindsay (10)
The Shelter (Eremittkrepsen) - Nicoline Haugsvær (Cool
Shootout - Dawn Lyn (Cool
Sister Kenny - Doreen McCann (7)
Small Wonders (TV) - Emily Schulman (9)
Smash Palace - Greer Robson (7)
Snack Bar Budapest - Giuditta Del Vecchio (13)
Sorrowful Jones - Mary Jane Saunders (5)
Species - unknown (7)
Spencer's Mountain - Kym Karath (5), Susan Young (Cool
Splash! - Shayla MacKarvich (Cool
A Stranger is Watching - Shawn von Schreiber (10)
Stripper - unknown (7)
A Summer in St. Tropez - various (14)
Swallowtail Butterfly - Ayumi Ito (14?)
Telephone Terror (Telefonterror) - Madeleine Ousdal, Katharina Thorvik Nilsen
Tendres Cousines - Anja Schute (14)
That Night - Eliza Dushku (10), Sarah Joy Stevenson (12), Katherine Heigl (13)
The Thrill of it All - Kym Karath (6)
Tom et Lola - Mélodie Collin (9), unknown (9), unknown (5) Unknowns could be Quiterie Lejosne, Gwenaelle Quelme, Sophie Arthuys, Nadia Chapuis
Tøsepiger - Stephanie Leon (11), Laura Elisabeth Christensen (11)
Toto le Hero - Sandrine Blancke (11)
Trading Hearts - Jenny Lewis (11)
Trainspotting - Kelly MacDonald (14)
Twisted - Brooke Tracy (Cool
Untamed Love - unknown, possibly Pa ige Tamada, Ashlee Lauren, Ashley Woolfolk
Up The Sandbox - Ariane Helle r (5)
Uranus - Lydie Lorente (5)
Verführt & Aufgeklärt 3 - Freiheit für Die Liebe - 2 unknown (11)
Vigil - Fiona Kay (11)
Voyage en Douce - Valerie Hug (10), Marion Gautier (12)
Wend Kuuni - Rosine Yanogo (9)
When Father Was Away on Business - unknown, possibly Jelena Covic, Silvija Puharic, Sinisa Dugaric, Milijana Zirojevic, Jasmin Geljo, Nebojsa Surlan (11)
Will It Snow For Christmas? - Flavie Chimenes (Cool
Wonderland Cove

The Wrong Move - Nastassja Kinski (13)
Wrony/Crows - Karolina Ostrozna (9), Kasia Szczepanik (4)
Young Aphrodites - Cleo patra Rota (13)
The Young One - Key Meersman (13)
Zapatos Viejos

Credit varios inc cndb, IMDB, Girls-in-film, cvmc, RFF, CIC etc
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Re: [REL] "Abuela de verano" 2005 (Series)

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billanben wrote: Brooke Shields Pretty Baby (14)
Ultra minor [;)] quibble: Brooke was born May '65, 'Pretty Baby' was first released 'April '78'; just shy of her 13th birthday. She was supposed to be 12 in the movie.

If I remember right, the big controversy was that filming began when she was 11years old. They celebrated her 12th birthday on the set. (However, NOT in the same way they celebrated it in the movie! ;) )

No real big deal. I just am surfing with nothing else to do tonight... :)

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Re: [REL] "Abuela de verano" 2005 (Series)

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I would like to see Invincible Space Streaker
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Re: [REL] "Abuela de verano" 2005 (Series)

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Unknown Female Coca-Cola Kid = Rebeca Smart (9)
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Re: [REL] "Abuela de verano" 2005 (Series)

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Screenshots availables very soon ;)
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Re: [REL] "Abuela de verano" 2005 (Series)

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:wall :wall :wall :wall I hate to wait
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Re: [REL] "Abuela de verano" 2005 (Series)

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quickone wrote::wall :wall :wall :wall I hate to wait
Jeeze, if you're hurting THAT bad 'google' it, for crikey's sale... ;)

http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q ... ages&gbv=2:


Or better yet, 'youtube.com' it:
http://youtube.com/results?search_query ... &aq=-1&oq=

Nice montage:

Beginning credits:

A story told through the tenderness and complicity that exists between a grandmother and her 12 grandchildren. A sweet and enjoyable series full of vibrant moments for the whole family. Talented actress Rosa Maria Sardá plays the role of Eva, a grandmother who goes to her country house in Gerona with her twelve grandchildren every month of July in order to spend some time with them. During a summer full of adventures and unforgettable events, these 5 to 15 year old children will live under Eva’s discipline: cooking roster, democratic decision making, timetables, animal care, etc. They discover a life different from their usual one: no television, surrounded by nature and looked upon by a grandmother who doesn’t treat them like little beings, instead, she listens to them and talks to them like grown up. First love, first let down, fights, competition, sincerity and even news about injustice in the World are events that are innocently lived by the children through the vision of a grandmother who learns from her grandchildren at the same time as the teaches them to learn. A family series full of tenderness and humour for the enjoyment of young and old. Inspired in the novel “The diary of a summer grandmother”, by Rosa Regás, this evocative production will make us relive memories from our childhood, our first discoveries and lessons on life, creating a common point with the younger members of the household and allowing us to enjoy things as a family.
I've got the DVD set [from here: http://dvdgo.com/product~catgid~175~lis ... Season.htm ] and I found it pretty easy to understand what's going on for the most part despite not speaking Spanish.

Cute, funny, touching show.

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Re: [REL] "Abuela de verano" 2005 (Series)

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Nah, I'll wait be busy around here the next few weeks any how
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