[REL] Profundo carmesí (1996)

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[REL] Profundo carmesí (1996)

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Carmin profond (France)
Deep Crimson

Country: Mexico / France / Spain

From http://imdb.com/title/tt0117394/ :
Set in 1940s northern Mexico, this film re-tells the story of "The Lonely Hearts Killers", a famous couple of murderers who made victims of lonely and wealthy widows in the USA. Coral (Orozco) is a rotund and passionate nurse who knows handsome gigolo Nicolas Estrella (Gimenez Cacho) and falls for him immediately. Nicolas rejects her because she's not rich, but Coral is determined to get him at any cost. She abandons her children and follows the man in spite of his way of living. Together they will scheme to swindle and murder women who look for love and companions writing letters to a sentimental courier.
Part 2.


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Re: [REL] Profundo carmesí (1996)

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Mmh a little bit too young...but thx anyway
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