[REL] La Guerra de los niños (1980)

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[REL] La Guerra de los niños (1980)

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La Guerra de los niños AKA Children's War (1980)


Can't find a review at the moment :roll:

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Re: [REL] La Guerra de los niños (1980)

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The script was written before the movie was assigned to the children group Parchis, which was made up of five members. In the script, though, only three children plus the fat friend were the main characters, so two of the members of Parchis only appeared in the beginning and the end of the movie, disappearing for the rest of the time. All the songs but one performed by Tino as a soloist were also performed at the beginning and the end of the film due to this fact.

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Re: [REL] La Guerra de los niños (1980)

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Title Orig.: The children's war
Director: Javier Aguirre
Producer: José Luis Bermúdez de Castro Was
Music: Cubedo Manuel Felix Lapardi, C. Moncada, Juan Pardo, Oscar Rubio
Writer: Luis Castro, Luis Murillo
Category: Comedy / Musical
Country: Spain
Duration: 84 minutes
Starring: Fernández Constantino "Tino", Yolanda Ventura, Gemma Prat Termes, Oscar Cañada Valdecantos Rodrigo, Ricardo Merino, Paloma Hurtado, Fernanda Hurtado, Manuel Alexandre, Antipas Galán, Tito Garcia, Cris Huerta, Sergio Mendizabal, Francis Camoiras, Mari Carmen Alvarado, José Luis Barceló, Blaky, Maria Casal, Luis Lorenzo, David Munoz, Marisa Porcel, Damian Velasco, Felix Britos, Antonio Requena, Manuel Ayuso, Tony Valento, Mary "dog"
Synopsis: Don Mathias, owner and proprietor of a school district, announced the closure because of its many debts. The five children actors, members of the group "Parcheesi", will be made to work with the help of Superman's dog Don Matias, decided to fight against the property that threatens the existence of the school.
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