[REL] Tillsammans (Together) (2000)

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[REL] Tillsammans (Together) (2000)

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Sweden, 1975. If you were a hippie (and maybe even if you weren't), it was a time of free love, Marxist-Leninist theorizing, vegetarianism, open marriages, radical philosophizing, and driving around in beat-up Volkswagen vans with brightly painted flowers on them.
Abba was on the radio for the first time — they'd just won the Eurovision Song Contest — and people were starting to come out of the closet. Clothing was odd — tie-dyes and furs — and haircuts were even odder. Change was in the air. In Lukas Moodysson's "Together" ("Tillsammans"), the Swedish writer/director examines that change through the construct of a mid-'70s commune populated by a cross-pollination of people simply trying to get along.
We have an abused wife, Elisabeth (Lisa Lindgren), who has fled her alcoholic husband (Michael Nyqvist) in the hope of starting life afresh, her two children in tow. We have the mild-mannered leader of the commune and his wife who profess to have an open marriage, yet it's obvious that Lena (Anja Lundqvist) enjoys her sexual freedom way more than Goran (Gustav Hammarsten). There's another couple, Anna and Lasse (Jessica Liedberg and Ola Norell), recently separated. She believes herself to be a lesbian and likes to air her views from the waist down; he's confused and angry and quickly propositioned by one of the commune's few single male members.
Elisabeth's children, Eva and Stefan, are thrown into this socialist melting pot against their will and try to keep their heads above water. (If it's confusing for the grown-ups, what chance do the kids have?) Eva (Emma Samuelsson), perhaps, manages something from the transition, forming a genuine friendship with a pudgy boy her own age from across the street (whose parents, by the way, regularly spy on the hippies through binoculars — they've got problems of their own).
Perhaps it's a bit much to handle the weight of such a variety of social, sexual, and political agendas gathered under one roof, but Moodysson manages to make much of it charming, eliciting warm and vulnerable performances from his homegrown cast. The handheld camerawork especially helps here, to-ing and fro-ing between protagonists with a claustrophobic edginess. Moodysson understands his characters and his writing is sharp and believable.
As a companion piece to Todd Solondz's "Happiness," "Together" is a natural choice. In fact, you could translate the title of Moodysson's film as "Unhappiness" for all the dysfunction going on therein. But there are times when life does, indeed, become bearable, when the petty squabbles and differences of opinion are temporarily put aside for, say, a communal game of football in the snow — simple pleasures heightened by a renewed sense of togetherness.
Only then do we see that the inhabitants of Moodysson's film aren't really all that different from one another after all. Or, I suspect, from you or I.

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English subs are available here.... I used an editor to advance them 1 second to get it pretty much in sync.

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Dual audio rip (I guess Swedish/Spanish)

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Re: [REL] Tillsammans (Together) (2000)

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This was released here a while a go, but it appears that films are vanishing from here again, so thanks for re-releasing this :)
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Re: [REL] Tillsammans (Together) (2000)

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Did you know...?

in VLC you can adjust subtitle delay (ctrl+h and ctrl+i) and audio delay (ctrl+k and ctrl+l). Saved my bacon when I found that a movie had audio 500ms out of sync.
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Re: [REL] Tillsammans (Together) (2000)

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Check the avanced box right corner to see what this is capable of :-)

As for the ilm - saw this at cinema and is hugely entertaining. Thanks
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