[REL] Barnen på Luna (2000) [TV Series]

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[REL] Barnen på Luna (2000) [TV Series]

Postby popdrome » Wed Feb 04, 2009 11:41 pm  6 likes

This has been promised to us a few times.
Golly, it's a good tv series, about time I release it ;), and here 'tis.


It's a decent DTV rip in 4 parts (8 eps consist) - starring 4 kids in the following 'configuration':

Children of the Luna is about four children whose parents were killed in a plane crash. They are brought together by destiny
and escape society's, and their grandparent's, cumbersome attempts to take care of them. Their salvation is this boy's, Glenn,
refurbished old boat, Luna, that carries them on the adventure of their lives. Luna becomes their new home,
and with time they get to know one another and they are united into a new family. Their goal is to find their way to Torsten's
grandmother's old house, Solbacken (Sunny Hill), on a remote island in the Stockholm archipelago. But their path is lined
with constant danger and frivolous adventure. They know they are sought after by the police. Bad weather puts them in danger,
and through Lilla Pärlan's (Little Pearl) constant escapades, they are constantly at risk of being discovered. Lots of times their
loyalty and their friendship are tested. Love and jealousy are also close travelling companions. Humor is mixed with thrills and
tragedy in this heart-warming story about the children's struggle to overcome the grief after their parents' sudden demise.
It becomes a summer vacation they will never forget.

Internet source: http://www.filmlance.se/ Translation: Pepi

More info and pics:

ATM have NO subtitles...

here you go
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Hope you like!


set to release..

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Re: [REL] Barnen på Luna (2000) [TV Series]

Postby kev » Thu Feb 05, 2009 4:23 am  0 likes

Fantastic!! Many, MANY thanks, popdrome!!

I had posted this a few years ago as a [REQ] and it must have gotten lost in translation when we shifted servers... I thought about it sometime back, couldn't find it and couldn't remember it's name, but I KNEW it had a 'nautical' theme... ;)

Seems like they had an interactive website for the show that had a photo album you could turn the pages of and click on certain pix.

I figured they would eventually release it on DVD! Yay!

Thanks again, popdrome. Great find!

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Re: [REL] Barnen på Luna (2000) [TV Series]

Postby emuler » Thu Feb 05, 2009 4:34 am  0 likes

Nice, popdrome. Thanks. :clap

btw. what does s!Xfix stand for?
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Re: [REL] Barnen på Luna (2000) [TV Series]

Postby katzenjammer » Thu Feb 05, 2009 9:28 am  0 likes

Great series that i got as tvcaps a few years ago when it rerun on swedish national broadcaster.

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