[RREL] What The Peeper Saw (Night Child) [1972]

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[REL] What The Peeper Saw (Night Child) [1972]

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[RREL] What The Peeper Saw (Night Child) [1972]

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Inspired by Rich's great find of "melody" featuring mark lester i think you should all get this brilliant lil film featuring him again.

A beautiful woman makes the torturous discovery that her angelic-looking stepson murdered his real mother, and has good reason to believe that the evil child may have similarly sinister plans for her. What at first may seem like a cheap, sleazy exploitation flick(that title doesn't help much), turns out to be a lurid, exciting thriller that is more concerned with plot and character than supplying cheap thrills and is all the better for it. The film is aided by a strong cast, including Mark Lester(the little waif in the award-winning musical "OLIVER!") who is chillingly good and believable every second as the disturbed youngster. Lester's rendition of THE BAD SEED is far more believable than Macaulay Culkin's in 1993's THE GOOD SON. The beautiful and sexy Britt Ekland also does well with her role as the bedeviled stepmother. Luis Cuadrado and Harry Waxman's striking photography of the Spanish locations also adds much.

Enjoy, i helped a friend release this a few months ago, but after my disk crash i am no longer sourcing it. However its got plenty of completes.

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