[REL] Me Without You (2001)

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[REL] Me Without You (2001)

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Sandra Goldbacher's small, psychologically savvy film is the story of a toxic friendship, established in early childhood, whose poisons continue to circulate and infect both partners well into their adult lives. Every close friendship, of course, has its shadow side of lurking jealousy and competition, even if that shadow is just an occasional twinge of resentment. But from the time they are little girls, Marina (Anna Friel) and her best friend and next-door neighbor, Holly (Michelle Williams), find themselves locked in a power struggle that only Marina is fully aware of for much of that time. Under its drab contemporary trappings, the movie is really a Jane Austen-like moral parable in which goodness is rewarded and selfishness punished.

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Re: [REL] Me Without You (2001)

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anna poppelwell from narnia films is in this movie too.
she is the one that has her belly button drawn on.
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