[REL] Our Mother's House (1967)

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[REL] Our Mother's House (1967)

Postby Rich » Fri Aug 03, 2007 12:03 am  13 likes

Our Mother's House (1967)

From the first scene of the film one can already tell that there is fine cinematography. We see a girl walking the street of a suburban part of London and immediately one knows that this is a film different to many others – it's slow, it's silent, and still it's intriguing and exciting. Accompanied by an equally great musical score by Georges Delerue, Jack Claytons direction is outstanding. He presents eight children whose sick mother passes away one morning. Upon their close relationship on the one and their fear of being torn apart from each other at the other side, the children decide to keep on living `normally', as if their mother was still alive. They manage to keep up a cover story for teachers and neighbors while their relationship gets even closer. As expectable with children these age (ranging from, I'd guess, ages 3 to 12), they create their rituals (the German translation of the title is `Every evening at 9 o'clock') and manage to find a way to keep in touch with their world `before' – when the beloved mother was still live. They achieve that aim by mixing up religious belief with their childrenlike, yet never naïve `rationality'. But of course, their secret cannot be kept forever… or can it? Dirk Bogarde is great in his role because he convincingly shows the two sides of his character: Loving at one part, but altogether selfish. But credits must go to the incredible cast of children whose performances draw the viewer into the story and force him to stay there. It is one of those rare films were the audience develops real sympathy for the figures. The ending, though probably not all too surprising, is the highlight of the picture and contains a great deal of melancholy. One wonders how the story would continue – but on the other hand, everything that needs to be said is said. As other comments already stated, not a film for children, but one of the best film about children ever made; it's goal was to achieve an insight into the world of a childs mind, and it succeeds brilliantly.

has this been posted? wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!, for some reason rings a bell, maybe i'm thinking of a different film, hmm...

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Re: [REL] Our Mother's House (1967)

Postby kev » Fri Aug 03, 2007 4:14 am  3 likes

Rich wrote:Our Mother's House (1967)


has this been posted? wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!, for some reason rings a bell, maybe i'm thinking of a different film, hmm...

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I'LL say 'WOWOWOW'!!!

I've been looking for THIS movie for years! A must for Mark Lester fans, too!

Never has been released on video in the past 10 years or so.. Very hard to find!!

ThankyouThankyouThankyou, Rich!!

I'm hoping that there is a Spanish release on DVD now! I've gotta get it!

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Re: [REL] Our Mother's House (1967)

Postby emuler » Fri Aug 03, 2007 4:21 am  1 likes

Requested here:

I've seen this on TV many years ago. Creepy. Some hints of incest, but nothing explicit. Of course, TV here NEVER has ANYTHING explicit. :wall

Re: [REL] Our Mother's House (1967)

Postby Debaser » Tue Aug 07, 2007 8:01 pm  0 likes

Thanks for this :dance

I remember it on TV.

God bless school uniforms.

A member in my opennap channel on WinMX has this in English.

Ill grab a copy and get it shared in a couple of days.
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Re: [REL] Our Mother's House (1967)

Postby billanben » Wed Aug 08, 2007 12:40 am  0 likes

could be wrong but tdon't think your kind of film db. What this is not English !! this is one of the most English films of all time !! Great flick

Re: [REL] Our Mother's House (1967)

Postby Debaser » Thu Aug 09, 2007 8:54 pm  0 likes

Nope, this version is dubbed in some language or other .

Iv seen the film before, and although its not what I would normally look for, it does have its subtle moments :)

Re: [REL] Our Mother's House (1967)

Postby Debaser » Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:32 pm  11 likes

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Re: [REL] Our Mother's House (1967)

Postby winternights22 » Thu Sep 06, 2007 3:21 pm  0 likes

any subtitles available?
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Re: [REL] Our Mother's House (1967)

Postby Rich » Thu Sep 06, 2007 5:49 pm  3 likes

Debaser wrote:Sorry about the wait.

In English

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:cool :cool :bigups
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Re: [REL] Our Mother's House (1967)

Postby Rich » Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:47 pm  16 likes

Vertigen@FH wrote:Our mother’s house (Jack Clayton, 1967) TCMRip


Directed by
Jack Clayton

Writing credits
Jeremy Brooks and Haya Harareet on Julian Gloag’s novel

Produced by
Roy Baird, Jack Clayton and Martin Ransohoff

Música original by
Georges Delerue

Cinematography by
Larry Pizer

Dirk Bogarde ... Charlie Hook
Margaret Brooks ... Elsa
Pamela Franklin ... Diana
Louis Sheldon Williams ... Hubert
John Gugolka ... Dunstan
Mark Lester ... Jiminee
Phoebe Nicholls ... Gerty
IMDB http://eee.imdb.com/title/tt0062089/

Plot summary
When faced with the sudden death of their extremely religious mother, the seven Hook children bury her in the back garden of their substantial London home. Diana (Pamela Franklin) claims to be able to converse with their mother's spirit, issuing instructions and managing to keep the children a unified unit. As far as the outside world is concerned, all is well and normal at Mrs Hook's home. Diana is greatly aided in the ongoing deception by little Jiminee (Mark Lester), who has a great gift for forging the dead woman's signature. Then comes the unexpected arrival of the children's absent and uncaring father (Dirk Bogarde), a scrounger from hell with exploitation on his mind. The children are forced to consider drastic action if they wish to maintain their perfect world.

A comment
Jack Clayton is the forgotten genius of British cinema, even if the recent theatrical re-release of The Innocents had British film critics falling over each other in a desperate search for superlatives. Six years after The Innocents, with the magnificent The Pumpkin Eater in between, Clayton made his finest film, Our Mother's House, from the haunting first novel by Julian Gloag, a novelist as underrated as Clayton is as a filmmaker. Gloriously photographed by Larry Pizer and with an unforgettably haunting score from Georges Delerue, this film is near perfect. Bogarde has never been so compelling or sinister, a group of child actors never so uniformly stellar. Tender, bittersweet and unlikely to ever be forgotten, this is one of the finest films ever made. Our Mother's House was based on a novel by Julian Gloag; one of the screenwriters was Haya Harareet, who eight years earlier had been Charlton Heston's leading lady in Ben-Hur. Scott Murray

File Details ripped by VERTIGEN
Name........: Our mother's house.TCMRip.VTG-CC.avi
Filesize......: 1.09 GB (or 1,147,384 KB or 1,174,921,216 bytes)
Runtime.......: 01:41:04 (151.598 fr)
Video Codec... xvid/ XviD 1.1.0 Beta 2
Video Bitrate: 1351 kb/s
XY.................. 720x544 (1.324) (37:28)
FPS................. 25.000
Audio Codecs: 0x200 (DOLBY AC3) AC3
Audio Bitrate. 192 kb/s Stereo (2/0)
Frame Size...: 48000 Hz
Language......: English





The movie e-link
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The soundtrack e-link
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The spanish subtitles
http://www.subdivx.com/X6XMTYwNTIyX-our ... -1967.html

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