[REL] The Phantom Kid (1977)

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[REL] The Phantom Kid (1977)

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emuler wrote:What's this, preteen horror week?
errr........yes, but possibly not in the way you think!



Arguably the worst movie ever posted at FLM. I'm ashamed to put it in the UK release section so I'm hoping someone else might like to adopt it :) This is so bad it's fucking hilarious........I nearly wet myself while watching it! :icon_thumbsup Words fail me so I'll leave the synopsis to someone else.

Nothing could be more charming and family friendly than a western with an all kid cast, right? Maybe. If they'd left out the saloon and the dance hall girls. Once you've decided that it's okay to have kids tossing back rotgut whiskey and whoring themselves, that line has pretty much been crossed. Why they didn't go ahead and cover the rest in squibs and go all Peckinpah on everyone's asses is beyond me.

Abe Lincoln calls in some special agents (sorta like Ulysses S. Grant did with those fellas on Wild, Wild West only not as cool) to sort out some shenanigans so the railroad can be finished. One of our heroes has a bandolier of special harmonicas that can do various things, mainly freeze people, animals, et cetera. The other has an alter-ego that is our title character, The Phantom Kid, who is more or less a pint sized Lone Ranger sans Tonto. There's a villain with an eye-patch, a gang of outlaws and a saloon gal who Ole PK falls head over spurs for. Your basic western formula with tots. Who sing. Lord but do they ever sing. You know how they sing in Bugsy Malone? Believe me when I say that neither Scott Baio nor Jodie Foster had anything to worry about from these youngsters. I don't think there's a one in the bunch that could've carried a tune if they'd had one in a sack.

Well that's alright then! I can only add there isn't one member of the cast I've ever heard of or anyone who's ever surfaced again. Watch the movie & you'll probably agree this was NOT a good career move for any of the young 'stars'. On a more positive note there are some quite nice moments (the idea of the kids prostituting themselves is quite disgusting mind you :drool ) & the quality is pretty good for a VHS rip.


Thanks to the original poster/ripper.

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Re: [REL] The Phantom Kid (1977)

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Funny, this was one of those movies that I was going to release when i had my computer fixed.

I didn't thinking it was a totally bad movie, not great by any stretch of the imagination, but not bad

The only redeeming quality it has is the Cute Girl in it.

I believe that this was a movie that came from Isreal and that is why the dialogue and acting is so stinted.

Still worth the download for the novelty of it, All children cast. It's innocent fun
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